Our Referral Program was designed for the partner that has a general knowledge of telecommunications, but whose primary goal is to leverage their positioning with their customer to include the telecommunication solution. By outsourcing this piece to Solution Interface, our Referral Partners are able to utilize our back-office knowledge and expertise, and our pricing, provisioning and support model, while focusing on their core business.

Who Can Participate

Our Partner Program is open to vendors, suppliers, system integrators and telecommunication agents.

How It Works

  • Provide us with a qualified lead.
  • Solution Interface will contact the potential customer and customize a solution that fits their needs.
  • You receive an attractive one-time bonus payment.

If you are looking to earn additional revenue without all of the extra work, our Referral Program is for you!

To get started, call (480) 344-9404 or contact us at info@solutioninterface.com